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Our services to these firms include Conveyancing and perfecting of securities, business formation, intercompany and infrastructure financing. Other services involved dispute resolution including litigation, arbitration and mediation.

Litigation Matters Handled by the Firm include:

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Gikera & Vadgama Advocates know that our clients would first and foremost like to avoid the tedious and costly process of the judicial system whenever they initially approach us with disputes they would like to be represented in. Our advocates encourage negotiations first that come to an amicable conclusion before approaching the Court, failure to which litigation is inevitably the next course of action. The firm has experience in handling out of court settlements effectively. The firm has successfully negotiated some matters on behalf of its esteemed clients that are valued to the tune of USD 3 million and most importantly to the satisfaction of our clients.

Commercial Litigation

Our advocates take the time to research and aptly prepare for matters that are before the Honorable Courts. Here at Gikera & Vadgama advocates we know that we owe a duty to the court first and then to our client. We ensure therefore that we do not approach the Court with trivial and malicious issues and try our best to advice our client on the best course of action to take to avoid wasting the Court's time and their hard earned money. It is in this spirit that we win and have won cases on behalf of the aggrieved persons that come to us for our services. We have in the past recovered monies on behalf of our clients that amount to over 100 Million shillings and seek to continue to succeed and improve with justice as our shield and defender.

Environmental and Land Disputes

Land in Kenya is the most sensitive issue that gives rise to countless disputes between individuals on a small scale and communities on a large scale. Land disputes do not only arise to determine ownership but also in transactions that are not properly completed or agreements that are not honoured. Our firm has invested in its research department in order to ensure that we ably defend and institute proceedings with regard to land and the environment. We have in the past restituted land to its rightful owners or ensured that land agreements are honored and if not relief is given to our aggrieved client.

Family and Succession disputes

The firm of Gikera & Vadgama advocates holds no qualms when delving into the sticky terrain of family law. We have successfully in the past fought for the rights of rightful heirs and dependants in succession matters that involve large estates that hold assets that can be summed up to 1 Billion Shillings. We handle matrimonial and children's' matters and work closely with government agencies to ensure children's interests are taken care of whenever any cases with regard to child support are brought to us. In sensitive matters like matrimonial causes, we seek to advice our clients on the law whenever we are presented with cases of divorce and take necessary measures to ensure that our Client's interests are protected and the best course of action is taken after attempting negotiations.

We serve a wide range of clientele spreading through the following industries;

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