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Joint Ventures, Mergers And Acquisitions

A joint venture is a business agreement in which the parties agree to develop a new entity and new assets by contributing equity.

They exercise control over the enterprise and consequently share revenues, expenses and assets. Mergers and acquisitions are both aspects of corporate strategy, corporate finance and management dealing with the buying, selling, dividing and combining of different companies and similar entities that can help an enterprise grow rapidly in its sector, without creating a subsidiary or using a joint venture. Mergers and acquisitions activity can be defined as a type of restructuring in that they result in some entity reorganization with the aim to provide growth or positive value.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in corporate governance and ensures that in corporate reconstructions the correct procedure is followed and the relevant rights and shareholding are delivered to the rightful individuals. Gikera & Vadgama Advocates whose areas of expertise other than Conveyancing include Company Law expertly handles matters pertaining to reconstruction of Companies for both local and international clients.

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