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Power and Energy

With Oil in Turkana, Coal in Kitui and Natural Gas in Lamu, the discovery of these natural resources in Kenya has come with hopes of a major boost to the economy of Kenya. The firm of Gikera and Vadgama has built its capacity to be able to handle any contractual agreements that will inevitably arise as a result of this discovery.

Mr. Stephen N. Gikera is qualified in the formulation, negotiation and structuring of product sharing contracts in oil and gas. In the ever expanding realm of law, Energy law is the next thing to watch as Kenya seeks to establish itself as an oil and gas giant in the region. Bearing this in mind, Gikera and Vadgama Advocates is already well prepared to handle contracts between private individuals, corporations and/or the government while laying the foundation for the Kenyan Jurisprudence in oil and gas.

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