Andrew Njenga

Professional Experience

Watching a TV show stirred Andrew Njenga’s initial interest in law. He admired those who fought legal battles for their clients and for society, traits he embodies in his legal practice. From living overseas, he learnt the value of money. Andrew is an associate in the Dispute Resolution Department of GVA. He has a wealth of experience in Environment and Land litigation, Civil litigation, Employment and Labour Relations and Negotiation.


  • Represented an organization in a land matter before the Environment and Land Court worth over Ten Million Dollars.
  • Successfully defended a land dispute valued at over Four Hundred Thousand Dollars.
  • Successfully defended several employment matters before various Employment and Labour Relations courts in Kenya.
  • Acted for the plaintiff in a copyright infringement matter in which his client was awarded One Hundred Thousand Dollars.
  • Overseeing debt-collection claims of over One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars.
  • Acted for parties in family matters involving divorce and custody rights.
  • Advised clients on matters of insolvency, judicial review and administrative law, termination of employment and successful legal audits.
  • Conducted trainings on various aspects of law for different clients.

Education & Memberships

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from University of Liverpool and a diploma from the Kenya School of Law. He also holds a Masters in Global Diplomacy from the University of London. He is a certified professional mediator with experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Andrew loves music and has played the violin for the Nairobi Orchestra and the Liverpool University Orchestra. The discipline during practice has created a dogged determination to see all matters to completion. He is pioneering podcasts for GVA that will revolutionize client engagements. In addition, he travels a lot, exploring different cultures and experiencing different cuisines, broadening his outlook and ensuring that his diplomatic skills are up to scratch.