Legal Audit and Compliance

Legal Audit and Compliance

GVA provides advice and guidance to clients in managing legal risks and maximizing business opportunities. We help clients design and implement legal procedures to minimize exposure to liability and maximize revenue and long-term enterprise value. Our legal audit services can help keep you from being surprised by legal issues down the road and limit your exposure to a variety of different legal risks. Because we have handled a wide range of different corporate legal matters, we have had the opportunity to observe up close what kinds of issues lead to expensive litigation situations when not handled properly up front.

Our approach to providing legal audit services does not utilize a project mindset, which focuses on merely selling hours to a client. However, we insist on a relationship mindset whereby our team takes a stake in the final outcome by making sincere, cost-effective, reasonable and informed recommendations and ensuring a successful implementation if engaged further.

In these days when a plethora of litigations are going on endlessly before different forums of redress, LEGAL AUDIT cannot be ignored. Laws are made to be followed and the reality on the ground is that the legal framework is dynamic and always evolving with enactment of new laws, amendments and even repeal of laws, which could easily affect the way in which corporations and even individuals carry on business.

It is often hard to keep up with all existing as well as the changes in law, and yet the fact still looms that “ignorance of the law is no defence”i.e. ‘Ignorentia non excusat’. It is, therefore, necessary for every organization to conduct regular health checks/audits to ensure that their business dealings are compliant with the legal framework in place at the time.

Legal audit basically minimizes the legal risk; reduces exorbitant legal expenses likely to ensue on account of pending litigations in Courts and identifies and corrects legal anomalies. Not only they can save sizeable legal expenses but also get rid of the tensions, anxieties and apprehensions/worries likely to be faced in the event of ceaseless litigations – which the Legal Audit will help to eliminate if not at least to reduce the same.

In fact, the formal agenda of Legal Audit covers comprehensively the entire documentation, operational arenas, financing policies, mission, objectives, assets, liabilities, patents, trademarks, copyrights etc. owned by the Company, on which depends the culmination of successful implementation of the Companies’ policies, programmes and objectives within the purview of the laws of the land.



We have and continue to conduct legal audits on several organizations with both local and international presence.

  • Financial institutions among them being Top-tier Banks where the value of the subject matter was worth Billions of shillings.
  • Real Estate Companies managing several buildings and projects in Kenya.
  • Financial Audit Firms.

We also conduct trainings on the subject matter on a need basis and on that front, we confirm to
have conducted the same to the above-mentioned clients among others.