GVA is among the leading law firms in Africa and we are strategically committed to attracting, developing, rewarding, and retaining the best talent. We capitalize on the creativity, energy, and passion that working together creates.

We value a culture of openness where everyone is treated fairly and has an opportunity to contribute and grow. While skills, talent, and knowledge are necessary, passion is the energy that fuels extraordinary performance. We believe that to ensure continued success of the organization there is need to select “the best person for the job”.

At GVA, we get involved in the workplace, with our environment and our community. If you are looking for a company whose actions reflect these values, GVA is the place to be. The Human Resource team is a professional team of dynamic individuals who are valued business partners. We support the business in achieving its strategic objectives and the employees in achieving their career goals.



Title: Head of Department

Reports to: Managing Partner

Direct Report: Litigation advocates and Clerks

Role: Head of Litigation department

Description: Leading a team of advocates responsible for implementing the Law Firms strategic plan, through effective and efficient management of the department. You will be providing litigation services to clients of GVA by meeting GVA quality threshold and ensuring effective management of legal and contractual risks/conflicts of interests.

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  1. To be familiar with and comply with the requirements of the GVA office & HR Manual, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard, GVA QMS Manual, GVA Values.
  2. Creating and implementing strategic initiatives, effectively and efficiently managing the daily operations of the practice in the department to conform with applicable standards.
  3. Directing and managing work assignments, staffing and case distribution within the department.
  4. Supporting, mentoring, training and developing legal professionals and competencies in the department.
  5. Conduct and oversee orientation for new members of staff in their department.
  6. Communicating the needs and plans of the department to management and overseeing the resource allocation process for the practice group.
  7. Coordinating matters relating to marketing and client development for the department.
  8. Overseeing the associate and paralegal evaluation process.
  9. Continuously monitor and ensure the department meets performance targets and other key performance indicators.
  10. Ensuring appropriate processes are followed for management of conflicts and risk.
  11. Acceptance or rejection of instructions, including the discontinuation of matters.
  12. Overall responsibility for levels of service delivery in the department.
  13. Supervision of and providing guidance to the lawyers and members of staff in the litigation department.
  14. Maintains smooth operations within the Firm and assures that decision processes are working in relation to client matters.
  15. Coordinate, Implement and monitor Client satisfaction Feedback systems within the
    department and assist the Head of Marketing in conducting client satisfaction surveys.
  16. Provide guidance and assistance in handling difficult client communications, conflicts and other matters involving significant clients with the assistance from the Chairman of the partnership board.
  17. Provides regular reporting to the Chairman of the partnership board dealing with performance, meeting of targets, growth issues, management issues, and the implementation of business strategies including opportunities for improvement of the management system.
  18. Ensuring that the management system conforms to applicable standards and the processes are delivering their intended purpose.
  19. Ensuring that the integrity of the management system is maintained when changes are planned and implemented.
  20. Developing and executing a plan for identifying appropriate business opportunities in all applicable practice offerings with new and existing clients.
  21. Responding to requests for proposal, requests for qualifications and other requests to engage clients.
  22. Overseeing the implementation of a client satisfaction program throughout the client’s representation.
  23. Building and maintaining relationships with industry leaders, associations and organizations in relevant and new markets
  24. Schedules regular reports, meetings and other communication and provide policy and direction input with and to the Chairman of the partnership board, HR Manager and other direct professional staff reports.
  25. Foster respect and professionalism throughout the Firm.
  26. Perform any responsibility delegated by the Partners / Chairman of the partnership board.
  27. Review and approve all Litigation pleadings and case strategies.
  28. Manage correspondence with all litigation clients.


Main Responsibilities: The following is a list of the main tasks this job role will handle, but is by no means an exhaustive list and may be varied from time to time: –

Campaign planning, creation, and implementation

    • Maximizing followers’ on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
    • Ensuring that approaches to social media are relevant and appropriate for each medium.
    • Monitoring social media for customer comments both positive and negative.
    • Building reporting frameworks to evaluate return on investment on the various platforms.
    • Engaging with customers to resolve customer service issues and/or create positive opportunities.
    • Continuous research into new relevant social media channels and their impact on the brands marketing.

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  • Analyzing social media insights to guide future social media campaigns.
  • Developing, editing a content calendar across all platforms ensuring a constant supply of relevant content
  • Understanding the legal services market
  • Liaise effectively with Partners & Advocates to know what input will be needed from them and associated timescales
  • Reporting on social media mentions of the brand internally providing useful feedback to partners and marketing team
  • Optimizing the social media platforms as well as the company website to attract good traffic to the site.
  • Overseeing the social media strategy for the company ensuring it aligns with the company’s brand strategy.
  • Engaging with customers using social media

Campaign management and reporting
Responsible for the day to day management of all campaigns, including but not limited to;

  • Daily posting reactive to legal news, calls to action promoting the brand, seasonal/topical content, and retweets
  • social media monitoring
  • building followers
  • paid social ad management


  • Daily posting reactive to legal news, calls to action promoting the brand, seasonal/topical content, and retweets
  • social media monitoring
  • building followers
  • paid social ad management


  • Weekly posting reactive to legal news, calls to action promoting the brand seasonal/topical content
  • social media monitoring
  • paid social ad management
  • social promotions


  • Weekly posting reactive to legal news, calls to action promoting the brand, seasonal/topical content
  • GVA & individual staff updates
  • social media monitoring
  • paid social ad management


  • Identifying topics for blog posts and pitching them to the Partners and BDM
  • researching and writing blog posts, or briefing our copywriter
  • devising a schedule for posts
  • loading blog posts onto GVA websites if required
  • Produce monthly reports through analyzing campaign performance including engagement, and making recommendations for improvements

Client facing activities

  • Grow your own personal profile as a credible social media expert in the legal sector
  • Act as point of contact for general questions around Social Media as required

Maintenance of professional knowledge

  • Maintain a good knowledge of current developments and trends affecting the legal service markets
  • Keeping up to date with advances in social media technology and the latest social media platforms
  • Grow knowledge and expertise of the Legal services and competitors, identifying how additional revenue can be generated
  • Maintain an active interest in key blogs, websites and other publications where social media is discussed and knowledge disseminated

Required Skills
Applicants must have the following experience: –

  • Have at least 3 years’ experience of social media management and delivery, preferably for multiple clients in the legal industry
  • Have experience using social media management tools
  • Superior Graphic Design Skill Set with proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite will be an added advantage
  • Excellent organizational, project and time-management skills, managing multiple projects with varying budgets
  • Understanding of the legal market, trends and services provided by Law firms and able to identify what content is newsworthy
  • Ability to write high quality, eye catching, engaging social media content
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Must be familiar with MS Windows operating systems and MS Office/Email/Internet
  • Ability to multi-task and take ownership of their projects
  • Self-motivation and a desire to learn
  • A passion for social media
  • Be available to attend workshops, seminars, and training programmes as required

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