GVA Legal podcast is a bi-monthly podcast with an eye towards law practice in the larger African economy and how to get useful & current information. Each episode will feature an interview with knowledgeable lawyers and professionals from different sectors who help demystify topical issues. As the tagline suggests ‘Let’s get real’, the conversations will be candid, in-depth and professional.

Ep 1: Employment Contract

Andrew Njenga – Advocate, GVA

Daniel Odhiambo – Senior Advocate, GVA
Hazel Okoth – Advocate, GVA

In this episode, we discuss the elements of an employment contract. The relationship between an employer and employee is enshrined in an employment contract. From the employment contract, all the terms, obligations, rights of both parties, benefits of the employee among others are listed. These include working hours, job description, remuneration and leave entitlement to name a few.