Launch of GVA 2.0

Launch of GVA 2.0 | 3rd July 2020

As we mark the launch of GVA 2.0, a strategic plan that will form our foundation for the coming years, we have re-defined our Purpose, Mission and Vision as below;

Purpose :
To provide High Quality, Innovative and reliable legal Services

Mission :
To be the go-to law firm for professional and client-centric legal services

Vision :
To be a dynamic law firm recognized for exceptional, consistent and reliable legal services across Africa

Our re-definition of our Purpose, Mission and Vision is premised on our commitment to hard work, dedication to the client, innovation, being relentless in the pursuit of excellence, continually improving ourselves through skill and knowledge acquisition and a spirit that always reminds us that we are not here to be average; we are not here to do the basic minimum, but we are here to offer the best legal services a client should experience; to always ensure that our clients know no better feeling than what they get from interacting with us.

We strongly believe in the attainability of our Purpose, Mission and Vision, in making it our reality and the very daily embodiment of what we do, as a reflection of what we hold true in our hearts and the promise that we give and keep to the world.

When it comes to legal services, trust GVA to be your go-to law firm!!!