Punit Vadgama

Professional Experience

Punit Vadgama was a precocious child, always questioning everything and giving counterarguments to test boundaries. Coming from a big family, negotiation was a way of life. He almost always got his way as long as his arguments had reason. His careers teacher noticed his gifts and pointed him to a career in law.

Punit is a senior partner at GVA. His practice areas are Corporate law, Commercial law, Insurance, Energy and Property and Real estate.


  • He is currently advising a multinational energy company on its corporate structure and real estate agreements in Kenya. This is one of the biggest clean energy power projects in East Africa valued at over 4 million dollars.

Education & Memberships

Punit holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Cardiff University and a diploma from the Kenya School of Law. He was previously the Chairman of the board of Continental Reinsurance Limited (owned in majority by Continental Reinsurance PLC, a Pan African Reinsurer). He sits on the boards of several companies as legal counsel and in advisory capacity. He supports Earth Angels, a charitable organization for underprivileged children.


Punit is a family man. When he is not working out with his wife with the same fastidious determination reflected in his work, he reads widely with a predilection for fiction. He is well travelled in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. These experiences have broadened his horizon and enabled him to bring to GVA, the world’s best practices including technology. He is a strong proponent of work-life balance and believes in a culture where one’s word is their bond, informed by family from his grandfather and passed on through his father. He is firm but fair, likes process and inspires a friendly but professional atmosphere within the office.