Vincent Oweya

Professional Experience

Vincent Makaya Oweya wanted to be a doctor but changed his mind when he became a member of the law club in high school. His quiet, studious disposition, but extremely lively in debate, made him a natural fit for litigation.

Vincent is knowledgeable in both courtroom litigation and application of Alternative Dispute Resolution. He is skilled in both substantive and procedural laws with experience in Magistrates Court, High Court and courts of equivalent status and the Court of Appeal. He is an avid researcher, a qualified mediator and a results-oriented legal practitioner.


  • Successfully defended claims against adverse possession for private developers at Environment and Land Court and at the Court of Appeal.
  • Represented three county governments against various claims.
  • Represented one of the largest telecommunications companies in Kenya in arbitration proceedings.
  • Was part of the team that represented one of the largest financial institutions in Kenya against a claim for violation of human rights.

Education & Memberships

Vincent holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from University of Nairobi and a diploma from the Kenya School of Law. He is currently pursuing a Master of Laws. He is also pursuing an International Commercial Arbitration course and has a Professional Mediation Certification from Mediation Training Institute of East Africa.


Vincent loves reading across a variety of genres. These include inspirational books, superhero comics and poetry. Public Interest litigation representing non-governmental organizations in Mombasa. He has previously volunteered at the Christian Legal Education and Aid Research.