Beyond Profit Margins: Fostering Religious Freedoms in Workplace

On 29th June 2023, the Employment and Labour Relations Court delivered a Judgment in Ojung’a v Healthlink Matcare Ltd t/a Nairobi Women Hospital (Cause 1620 of 2018) [2023] KEELRC 1607 (KLR) where it upheld Article 32 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 which guarantees the right to freedom of conscience, religion, belief, and opinion with […]

Kenya’s Anti-Trust Woes: The Need for Stricter Anti-Trust Enforcement

Kenya is grappling with a surge in foreign investment across various industries which raises critical concerns about fair competition and the fate of homegrown enterprises. There is dominance by foreign-owned businesses and growing questions about the effectiveness of Kenya’s antitrust laws and their ability to protect local businesses. In this article, we delve into Kenya’s […]

Navigating Redundancy: Balancing Business Needs and Employee Well-being

In Kenya’s economic landscape, a bitter truth lurks beneath the surface, job security and the uncertainty that surrounds it. Picture this, Grace, a dedicated employee with over a decade of experience, finds herself staring at an unexpected email one fateful morning. Her heart sinks as she reads the words that mark the beginning of a […]