Issue one

Unveiling the Curtain- Decoding the Fall of Corporate Giants

In the ever-shifting landscape of corporate titans, where success can turn into failure in a flash, there is a tale as old as business itself. It is a narrative of corporate governance teetering on the edge of financial stability – a tale of missteps that would make even the most agile acrobat cringe. The corporate […]

And the Verdict Is? Grim Reading for Distressed Companies

It is no disclosure that from both a micro and macro standpoint, global economic forecasts look bleak. The IMF in its recent World Economic Outlook 2023 has described the current international market conditions as fragile, with core inflation expected to continue on an upward trajectory. For developing countries like Kenya, the consequences of runaway inflation […]

A Place in the Queue: Employee Interests in Insolvency

Companies understand the critical component employees play in driving businesses towards success and usually companies pay fair remuneration for services rendered. It is a proverbial concord that allows employees financial stakes in the company. What recourse is available to employees when a company faces distress? Read More