The Show Must Go On – Why Participation in Arbitration Matters

Parties who agree to arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism are, in principle, bound by this election. Once a dispute arises and a claimant commences arbitration proceedings against a respondent, it is expected that both parties will submit to the process and actively participate in it. In practice, however, there are instances where the respondent […]

Insights into Key Aspects of Arbitration in Kenya: What You Need to Know

Kenyan courts have had occasion to determine disputes arising from awards rendered by arbitral tribunals. The principal issue that arises for those who are considering or have chosen arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism center on efficiency of the process and justification of the costs associated with it. We look at key aspects on which […]

Diversity in Arbitral Tribunals: Where are we now?

The Importance of Diversity For a long time, we have looked at the issue of diversity in gender in arbitration as being a clamor for enhanced gender representation. Undoubtedly, progress has been made in terms of gender diversity on arbitral tribunals over the years, but is a focus on gender the correct or only approach […]