Employment Contracts – Types of Contracts of Service

The duration of the contract of service is not expressly specified in the contract of employment or where the contract specifically indicates the term as indefinite. They do not include the final date of the employment relationship. They do not terminate by themselves but instead continue indefinitely until either the employer or employee terminates the […]

Employment Contracts – Contract of Service

In Kenya, employment contracts and employment generally are governed by the general law of contract and the principles of common law, which are now etched in the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the Employment Act No.11 of 2007, and other related statutes. The Employment Act sets out the fundamental rights of employees, as well as the […]

Licensing Trends in the Hospitality Industry in Kenya

Hospitality broadly refers to the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers in an organization. The hospitality industry in Kenya has contributed to an increase in employment, improved living standards, greater tax revenues to the national and county government, and growth in local retail sales. Read More