DIGITAL LENDING – Are the times right?

DIGITAL LENDING – Are the times right? Developments in ICT have accelerated financial inclusion and caused a shift from conventional to digital lending by nonbank institutions. These institutions primarily rely on internet, mobile enabled devices and web-based platforms. Read More

Personal Law: Parental Responsibility

Personal Law: Parental Responsibility The Constitution of Kenya enumerates the rights of the child. Article 53 (1) (e) provides that “Every child has the right to care and protection which includes equal responsibility of the mother and father to provide for the child whether they are married to each other or not”. Read More

Changes to Business Laws

CHANGES TO BUSINESS LAWS WHAT CHANGES TO BUSINESS LAWS MEAN FOR YOU! The changes in the various laws are designed to make it easier for businesses to operate by digitizing transactions, reducing formalities and documents that are required to complete transactions. Read More