Legal Framework for Sovereign Debt Defaults

Recent debt defaults, such as Greece’s in 2012 and Ghana 2023, have spurred calls for improved procedures to handle sovereign liquidity crises. Increased financial flows to emerging markets, along with capital market liberalization and technological advances, highlight countries’ vulnerability to sudden reserve changes. This article outlines the legal framework for navigating sovereign debt defaults and […]

Safeguarding Against Employee Theft: Legal Strategies for Employers

Employee theft is a significant concern for employers across various industries, posing financial risks and damaging the overall trust within the workplace. The holiday season witnessed a surge in discussions surrounding this issue, triggered by a prominent salon owner in the country who took to social media to announce the termination of several employees from […]

Understanding Property Inheritance in Kenya: An Overview

Death is an unavoidable reality that affects everyone, regardless of marital status, parental status, or gender. In the aftermath of death, there is often a sense of entitlement felt by someone related to the deceased. Meanwhile, the deceased leaves behind property they can no longer benefit from. The transfer of property from the deceased to […]

Harmonizing Antitrust Measures and Carbon Trading

Kenya, like many countries, is increasingly recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship. This resonates with Kenya’s aspirations for sustainable economic growth and development. In the urgent context of climate change, innovative solutions that harmonize economic interests with environmental preservation have emerged as beacons of hope. A transformative pathway beckons—one that strategically merges antitrust measures with […]

Small Business and Antitrust: Empowering SMEs for Equitable Competition

Picture this: a quaint café named “David’s Delights,” known for its heartwarming pastries and infectious optimism. Yet, nestled in the shadows, a behemoth bakery named “Goliath’s Treats” churns out treats by the thousands, overshadowing our dear David. This, my friends, is the heart of the matter. Why should SMEs pay attention to distant legal jargon? […]

Demystifying Collective Bargaining and Agreements in Kenya

Beatrice Webb, an English economic theorist, is credited for having coined the term “collective bargaining” in 1891. She described it as a process where employees collectively empower representatives to negotiate their employment terms with employers. This method, an alternative to individual bargaining, aimed to enhance working conditions and was a key focus of trade unions. […]